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I shot my sister! – Calgary Portrait Photographer

After going through Calgary’s monsoon season, I was able to get out with my sister for a spring warm-up shoot. She was a great sport and kept a smile through the bugs down by the bow and the eventual cold winds up in town. Props to her!

Staying up far too late

Well, after countless hours of sitting in front of the computer (and not out shooting), I finally have the Client Galleries up and running. It might be a little rough around the edges, but she sure is coming along. You can now use this to securely purchase prints in a multitude of sizes, and eventually all my client galleries will be presented through it.

If you’re interested in checking it out feel free look up top and select “Client Galleries”. Or heck, just click here:

Enough chit chat,  I’m off for some much needed sleep.

Starting Fresh…

The time has finally come, and I sure am doubting myself…

This post marks my first leap into the digital realm of blogging: presenting my work for the world to see. I hope to share the moments that both inspire and challenge me as I strive to become a better photographer, eventually developing my own style that more greatly portrays the emotion and beauty I discover in nature and people.

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