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Shuswap! – Calgary Nature Photographer

I took a week off with the family and headed out to Shuswap Lake and its lengthy arms for some fantastic houseboat fun. Nothing like spending some super relaxing time out on the water and in the trees! On the odd occasion I got the camera out and took a few moments to snap some shots

First Flight – Rocky View Photographer

I had a great chance recently to be taken up by a local pilot. Not only did I get to go flying, I did so in a 1940’s WWII trainer that actually flew on (above?) Okinawa! Here’s a snap of me with a stupid grin, the airplane

The First Fireworks! – Calgary Landscape Photographer

I took the Canada Day fireworks as my first attempt at shooting, well, fireworks! I scouted out a location a good two hours before the show, got everything set up, and waited. While catching a spectacular lightning show, I shot off a couple test shots like this

Starting Fresh…

The time has finally come, and I sure am doubting myself…

This post marks my first leap into the digital realm of blogging: presenting my work for the world to see. I hope to share the moments that both inspire and challenge me as I strive to become a better photographer, eventually developing my own style that more greatly portrays the emotion and beauty I discover in nature and people.