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Amber & Devon – Saskatoon Wedding Photographer


I guess I shouldn’t shout, but the wife and I had a great time with Amber and Devon this weekend for their wedding here in Saskatoon. The first here in town (hopefully of many yet to come), it was held at Boffins on the University grounds and I really have to say I’m impressed with that area! So we had an absolutely stunning backdrop to make use of, an amazing group of people to spend it with, and some serious style… this was the recipe for a dream photography gig!

PCL Kids Christmas Party – Calgary Event Photographer

Not having any kids of my own, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on the delicious treats and great people of the PCL Kids Christmas Party! I was lucky enough to be there this year to capture kids, both young and old, react to Santa and presents galore. But my by far favorite moments were watching the youngest ones see Santa for the first time and either go straight into a solid cry, or just light up with the biggest smile!

Here’s a couple samples from the day