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Shawn & Linda – Saskatoon Engagement Photographer

I’m getting really good at picking cold days to be outside! It’s gotta be a secret talent I don’t even realize… but big thanks to Linda and Shawn for braving the cold Canadian wind we had last weekend! Linda and Shawn are getting ready for their wedding next summer (guaranteed to be warmer than this session) so we had a little outing at the UofS to get used to the camera and give them some engagement shots. As the photos show, we had a great time!

Trent & Tanis – Calgary Engagement Photographer

Trent and Tanis approached me to take photos for their wedding, but they had a couple requirements: it’s going to be on a Friday the 13th and we want it to be scary. So of course we met up on a warm spring day in Calgary and had them chased around by our mysterious murderer, Jason!

Here’s a preview of the album for the couple

Marchella & Andrew – Calgary Engagement Photographer

I made a trip out to Calgary this past weekend and met up with Marchella and Andrew for a little pre-wedding shoot. Luckily for us the weather was around a sunny +18c so we ended up having a great time outside in Kensington.

Amber & Devon – Saskatoon Engagement Photographer

New-to-me friends Amber and Devon were looking for some engagement photos featuring the amazing colours of Saskatoon… who am I to say no to that!? We had a chilly but great time out exploring the UofS campus and enjoying the awesome fall scenery that the Meewasin Trail gave us.

Jayson & Linnea – Calgary Engagement Photographer

I have to apologize to this amazing couple, this preview took me longer than expected because I could only choose about 8 great pictures from a HUGE collection of great shots! Maybe if you guys didn’t look so darn good together this would be easier!

Jayson and Linnea are very good friends of mine that are getting married next year at a venue I seriously can’t wait to see. I’m just going to say this: there are mountains, and mountain tops, and forests, and bridges, and a gondola! Besides that excitement we had a great time shooting some fun candids of them in preparation for the big day and to celebrate their engagement.

Norm & Theresa – Calgary Engagement Photographer

Kicking off the green season of 2014 are my awesome friends Norm and Theresa! Not only are they getting married in the near future, they agreed to let me make sure my camera still works after a long winter break! I’m looking forward to their wedding in what I can only expect will be a great time filled with smiles, high fives, and possibly a sword, or wand… or both.

Jamie & Felix – Calgary Engagement Photographer

I’M A MOVIE STAR! Well, at least I can say I’ve been on the set of one…

I had a great time with Jamie and Felix this evening; their recent engagement was awesome news, and being good friends of mine I knew we’d have a blast taking some pictures! Felix was able to get us into some old movie / television sets over at his Dad’s farm (THANKS!) and we spent a gorgeous Sunday afternoon taking photos in between fits of laughter.

Aaron & Sarah – Calgary Engagement Photographer

For the first shoot of the year I had the great couple of Aaron & Sarah! The snow had just fallen, the air was crisp, and I sure hope they returned to some warmth after we finished! Big thanks to the two of them for sticking it out, and also for bringing out the smiles… you guys rock!

Carla & Kemar – Calgary Engagement Photographer

This past Sunday I had a fantastic time with Carla and Kemar.

We went down to Fish Creek Park and pretty much just hanged out taking pictures and cracking jokes. If that doesn’t get you smiling, then they made sure to bring a bag full of hats and props to keep the fun coming. I added a little more punch to this set to represent their fun loving style; here’s a peek into their engagement session

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